Preparing for an AI Doomsday

An interesting article brought to the surface by the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligences. To their credit, the hypocrisy here is pretty blatant: Some leaders in the tech industry are racing to build AIs up with the one hand while building survival bunkers to protect themselves against its possible fallout on the other…

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The Answers – II

The next batch of answers to the questions sent to the NIA… A few interesting ideas emerged here that I had not heard before…

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The Answers – I

The answers to the questions sent to the NIA have started to come in — I’ll be looking forward to reading more of these…

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Inquisitive Minds

A leaked email revealing some of the questions sent to the NIA by the government officials requesting a briefing on the current status of XM research. Quite a few interesting ones — including some I’d be curious to learn about myself…

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The Facility – IV (Final Fragment)

My source tells me this is the last fragment of the report prepared for Jay Phillips about the current state of the Niantic Facility…

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Here’s the rest of Hank’s report on his chance encounter from a few days ago… Interesting observation about truth and disinformation — it’s a tactic I’ve used myself when I’ve needed to create some distance and a safety net around myself.

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The Facility – III

Another fragment from the report being prepared about the Niantic Facility by the NIA. Despite the difficulties in obtaining this information, my source assures me that they will be able to provide me with the last remaining fragment shortly…

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The Conspiracy

Hank Johnson has a chance meeting with someone peddling an interesting conspiracy theory… Was it really a chance meeting?

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The Facility – II

I’ve been able to obtain another fragment of the report about the Niantic Facility… my source tells me there’s more coming. Will share more when I can…

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Bio Card Bounty Hunting

Was looking over Hank’s post from the other day — particularly that story about finding an Agent Bio Card on a diner bulletin board. Surprised me that this activity existed elsewhere in the world… I saw it taking place in a local New Wave group but I assumed it was an isolated thing. They called it ‘Bio Card Bounty Hunting.’

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