Hank Johnson: An Odd Sensation

Hank experienced an odd sensation today — as if he was being held in place while the universe unfolded around him. Could this be related to his attempt to contact Lynton-Wolfe some days ago?

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Hank’s Task

A brief missive from Hank today… it looks like Jahan has some work cut out for him. Stay tuned, he might need as assist from Agents…

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The Future of AI: Community Reactions

Here are some of the great insights that emerged from the community in response to the Acolyte and Jahan’s divisive statements on AI and its role in humanity’s future…

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Jahan’s Response: The Force of Time

I had a feeling that we would hear a rebuttal to the Acolyte’s anti-AI message from yesterday, and I was right… I received this statement earlier from an address associated with high-ranking Resistance operatives…

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Message from the Acolyte: A Great Responsibility

The Acolyte (via the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs) shares a message to her followers as the new year approaches.

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In need of a friend...

In need of a friend…

Hank Johnson reaches out to Lynton-Wolfe, but given that Hank and Devra have been traveling together recently (and that Devra was instrumental in the destruction of the Tecthulhu in the first place), I’m not sure the offer is going to be entertained…

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The Paradox

Whose interests was Lynton-Wolfe serving when he built the Tecthulhu?

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The Trade

Jahan has obtained a fragment of a Howcraft document — she’ll give to Hank, but at a cost. As far as Hank is concerned, trading with Jahan is never quite that simple…

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Hidden Talents

How was Jahan able to unlock new abilities in Hank’s Prime Objects in order to contact him yesterday? His attempts to figure this out so far have failed… Misty, if you’re out there and listening, I think Hank could use a consult…

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Hank Johnson: A Prime Radio

Jahan reached out to Hank Johnson — but it’s the method of their communications that’s most interesting…

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