PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: January 31, 2016



Now that Investigate: Ingress has been up for a few days, I thought it’d be a good idea to see what we’ve learned since Obsidian began. I’m going to try and make this a weekly thing… a brief look back to help put our future in focus. Since this is the first one, I’ll be looking back at a couple of weeks instead of just one.

The year began with a command from Jarvis to his Acolyte: Find the Circle of Obsidius. While we don’t yet know what the Circle of Obsidius is, it’s safe to assume that it represents a tool that would be a powerful boost to the Enlightened struggle against the N’zeer. Jahan, spearheading the Resistance counter-effort, is likely working to gain access to this technology or power for her own means as well. Interestingly, both the Acolyte and Jahan reached out to ADA to try and form alliances — I suspect they sensed her powerful computation engine would help them in their quest. I don’t know if ADA threw in her lot with either of them, and if I had to guess, she probably won’t.

So, what is the Circle of Obsidius? At this point it seems pretty certain that it’s an ancient Artifact or XM technology uncovered by a Roman spy (they called them exploratores back then) who lived around two thousand years ago named Obsidius.

Through a series of journal pages (found in Portals all around the world by our #ObsidianExplorers) we’ve learned that Obsidius was a soldier who served in a number of different combat arenas (Jerusalem, Germany, North Africa). We also found out that he was a highly developed XM sensitive, and that his talents were noticed by people in power — and it seems that those people were aware of the secret war to control XM.
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So what is Obsidius’s Mission? As of now: It’s twofold: To find someone called Magnus and to connect with a powerful Oracle. He has a companion, a Numidian guide named Syphax, and is currently in North Africa attempting to locate the Oracle.

As new journal pages are uncovered, we’ll learn what happened to him next.

If you’re looking for an even deeper dive, be sure to check out Susanna Moyer’s excellent review of the events of 2015, as well as my History of the Investigation page.

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Thanks for all that you do for the investigation, Agents… keep it up. The truth needs you.


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