Cybella the Oracle



It looks like Omnivore recovered a portion of an encrypted email between Jahan and some high-level Resistance operatives.

She mentions an oracle named Cybella, information that has yet to become public via the Explorations of Obsidius, which confirms a suspicion that I have held for some time: Resistance and Enlightened leadership are aggressively hunting down this intel, to the extent that they are a few steps ahead of us. Clearly there is something of importance hidden beneath these ancient journal pages.

Here’s a transcript of the document, in case you need it:

My archivists have gathered fragmentary information on the oracle, Cybella, who is referenced in the Explorations of Obsidius. She was a lesser known and elusive Oracle who prophesied from the ruins of a temple of Baal outside of Carthage. She vanished from the Oracular shrine around 70AD (supporting Obsidius’s account) and was pursued by priests. There is no record of whether she was found.

As to her origin, she was found by priests living alone and claiming to be speaking to a sphynx. (It is unknown whether this is the Sphinx at Giza or another). When it was discovered that she had the gift of prescience, she was first used to predict the outcomes of games of chance in the bazaars along trade routes. Later, she was relocated to an underground shrine and her visions were used for higher purposes. She was also believed by some to have conjuring skills, while others say she simply used deception to fool the unsophisticated. If elements of this story sound familiar, it is probably not an accident.



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