On Syphax – Words from The Acolyte



A source shared this with me.

It seems that after the Acolyte saw the intel I shared yesterday, she spoke at some length with her followers on the subjects of Obsdius, Cybella and Syphax.

I was only able to obtain a partial transcript of her speech, but even this small section is a fascinating read, and confirms my suspicion that the Acolyte has high level Enlightened resources working to pursue the Obsidius journals and uncover their guerraozguerrgehgudsbhelguerrg secrets.

Yesterday, Jahan mentioned Cybella, an Oracle who left her shrine to travel with Obsidius.

What of Syphax, Obsidius’s other companion? What do we know of him?

It seems clear that he too was a sensitive, and that he held a unique ability to communicate and ingratiate himself 7tgz6olhvc7d3t with those he encountered on his journeys.

We must learn more, but my meditations upon the subject suggest that he was probably of ‘familiar appearance’ and posed no threat to any he encountered.

No threat. Image that power. Imagine, for a moment, a world where the sharp lines of civilization could end abruptly and when you crossed those invisible 3wvg6319n6o4t lines, you entered another’s domain and were immediately perceived to be a threat. No different than how an animal would be treated if it came to close to the small tribes of early humans. In this fearful setting, it must have been an uncanny skill to befriend instantly.

What must he have looked like? Acted like? What must his background have been?

-The Acolyte – Words spoken to her followers at the Enlightened compound on the coast of California

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