Obsidius – XII & XIII



Thanks to the excellent work of today’s #ObsidianExplorer, Agent Giancarmine Dev, the latest page in the Explorations of Obsidius has been uncovered from a Portal at the Temple of Isis in Pompeii, Italy.

It details the first encounter between Obsidius and the Oracle, Cybella. The encounter seems to have created more questions than answers, with strange prophecies into the future (perhaps even the present day?) and cryptic clues about the one known as Magnus.

Strangest of all, it seems Cybella has now joined Obsidius on his journey, although her reasons are not yet known.

Here is a transcript of the journal page.

XII.  Upon my arrival there, the sinewy, virginal Oracle, Cybella, whose appearance was both enticing and oddly fearsome depending on angle and expression, had no doubts as to my authenticity and sent me to seek for one known as the Magnus so that the Magnus might seek me. This sounded odd to me, but Oracles were known to speak in riddles. For instance, when asked: “Is Magnus a name or a Title…” 3uetor4ac6rrc9v “Can it not be both? Can it not be neither?” “Who am I to search for if Magnus is neither a man nor a title?” “Do you not understand that you are searching for Magnus so that Magnus might search for you?”

XIII.The rest of the conversation was similarly cryptic and unhelpful. She lapsed into mutterings. A man on a rock with his arms spread — beneath him at the water, an anchor cut of stones. A blasphemous spike spinning a discus in the air, beside it an island held in balance. I have no idea what she meant, but I suspect that it was a prophesy into the future. Then, Cybella informed me that she was to accompany me on my journey. She said that she had some purpose though it had not yet been revealed to her. It occurred to me that travelling with a young woman of her beauty and mercurial nature would be dangerous. I tried to refuse, but Syphax, in a way that seemed contrary to his nature, informed me that it was ill-omened to refuse the request of an Oracle. I relented. I have come to believe Syphax has become my guide for reasons beyond his extraordinary skills with language. It is uncanny how he seems to intuitively speak the tongue of every foreigner that we meet.


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