Followup Report: Obsidian Intel Handoff in Washington DC

Followup Report: Obsidian Intel Handoff in Washington DC

Here’s what I’ve been able to learn so far about the Obsidian Intel Handoff mission in Washington DC earlier today.

Hank Johnson had tipped us off that the mission would go live at 10AM near the Lincoln Memorial. Nearly 50 Agents were present to undertake the mission.

After solving a series of clues, the Agents were given specific instructions on meeting with Hank’s contact, an operative known only as ‘R.’

The evidence suggests that ‘R’ is a current employee of IQTech Research – I have a report that he may have been wearing an IQTech employee badge, and the leaked chat transcript seems to have taken place between IQTech employees.

The contact was carrying a yellow helmet, and met with a single Agent in front of the US Botanic Garden.

The contact was reading the Sunday paper, and after being provided with the correct password, folded and placed the sports section on the bench where he was sitting and left… the newspaper pages were concealing an envelope containing the intel.

There are conflicting reports about the nature of the intel itself. One report suggested there were over 12 pages of printed material. So far, only a single item has surfaced – a chat transcript that reveals some new information about the current mental status of Niantic Project founder Dr. Ezekiel Calvin. The chat transcript mentions some kind of document that the two speakers are reviewing, supporting the reports that the handoff may have contained additional pages.

That’s all I’ve been able to gather so far. Agents, if you know any additional details about what went down in DC today, please let us know in the comments.


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