IQTech Anomaly Intel for February 27: Seattle, Rio, Milwaukee and Madrid


I’ve been able to obtain declassified versions of the documents that were initially found in the Intel Handoff that took place in Washington DC last weekend.

These detailed documents by IQTech Research outline the scoring mechanics and rules for the #Obsidian Anomalies on February 27th… They are a must-read for anyone looking to take part in an Anomaly that day.

I spoke to an IQTech contact about the fact that #Obsidian: Hamamatsu is not in this set. She said to stay tuned for that one.

#Obsidian: Seattle

#Obsidian: Rio de Janeiro

#Obsidian: Milwaukee

#Obsidian: Madrid

Questions or clarifications? Talk to +IQTech Research.

Good luck at these Anomalies, Agents.sxmvaeesredvuiofyndvliufogwwepvxaiesw



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