Obsidius XIV – XVI: Embracing The Unknown


Thanks to the excellent work of today’s #ObsidianExplorers, Agents Céline Zilverdauw and Mark Janssen, a new section of the Explorations of Obsidius has been uncovered from a Portal built to mark the site of an ancient Roman crossroads in Heerlen, Netherlands.

As Obsidius embarks on the next leg of his journey with Cybella and Syphax in tow, he talks about embracing the unknown, and allowing life to be an unfolding and unpredictable adventure. His travels lead him to Pompeii, where he is preparing to meet Pliny the Elder…


Here is a transcript of the journal page:

XIV. Despite being in the presence of a prophetess, we left with no idea of what lay ahead of us. We had no prescribed destination. You might easily grasp why this did not, at the time, seem helpful to me, and left me with more questions than when I had first sought the Oracle. Much later, I finally understood the deeper purpose of this. I learned from this exercise to be comfortable with questing for the unknown. I shall compose an oration on this subject.

XV. Comfort with moving always into the unknown and uncharted is an essential characteristic all men of purpose must have, for in reality all life is unknown, for the future is always unknown. I have met those who can dimly perceive it later on the road, and most men attempt in their own feeble ways to control the future, but I find that such efforts lead to more confusion than simply treating each day as a newly minted coin, to be spent however one desires to in their heart.

XVI. Thus, with no prescribed direction, I relied on my own gift for knowing where to explore and we set off. My journey led me to Pompeii. Something about this place is ominous despite the incredible luxury of it. Cybella says that ominous things are coming from the līmina. She has become even more distracted and disturbed than normal. Syphax says that he fears she might flee. Her eyes are like that of a wild animal. My instinct tells me that I must stay. I have received a message from Gaius Plinius Secundus. I am to meet him tomorrow. He is a naturalist and a man of great import and prestige as master of the fleet.


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