PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: February 14, 2016


We ended last week by asking what Obsidius’s mission really was, and what impact it might have on our modern-day Faction leaders and Anomalies. We were able to find some of those answers, so let’s dive into the Weekly Wrap-Up and review what we discovered.

The week started with the recovery of IQTech documents that revealed information about the #Obsidian Anomalies. Some of it was just about the mechanics of the Anomalies, but we also learned some details about the stakes between the Factions, and why Jahan and the Acolyte have been tracking Obisidius with so much interest.

It seems that, about 2000 years ago, Obsidius discovered an XM artifact called the Obsidian Shield, which the Acolyte is trying to activate in order to block N’zeer influence. Jahan is hoping to get her hands on that same technology… she thinks it can be modified and used against the Shapers.cd998886c79b968c8b9e919c9a87c898c78d

At the Anomaly events each Faction will be fighting to gain control of Shards that contain fragments of the Obsidian Shield and the XM energy that Jahan and the Acolyte need to activate it.

Later in the week, another Portal Clue led to the recovery of one more page from the Explorations of Obsidius. Obsidius was trying to meet Pliny the Elder near Pompeii, but I’d say there’s a lot more going on than what he realized, especially in light of what we learned in the IQTech docs… I’ll be interested to learn what lies in store for him.

There are two other threads that emerged  that we should talk about.

First, there was a tip on Behind the Scanner this week about some kind of intel drop happening this weekend, followed by Hank Johnson posting about a mission in Japan. On Saturday, more than 200 Agents got together to solve clues and uncover intel in Ueno Park. No news yet on what was recovered.

And finally, one more Portal Clue emerged earlier today: An image of a Portal somewhere, but this clue seems different… I suspect it may lead to a chain of discoveries.

Agents, you’ve been doing great work deciphering and tracking down information. I’m counting on your help to push this Investigation forward. Whenever you find something, realize something, notice something, let us all know in the comments here. We win when we work together.

Here’s what I’m planning to focus on next week:

I want to figure out how and why the Obsidian Shield emerged… What put Obsidius on that path? Was there a threat he was trying to face? From who, the Shapers or the N’zeer? 

If you missed it, be sure to check out Susanna Moyer’s special “2015 Year in Review” episode of the Ingress Report, focusing on Anomalies, Shard-Ops and Sitreps.

Keep asking the right questions, Agents. Something big is happening, and you’re riding the cutting edge.


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