IQTech Anomaly Intel for February 27: Hamamatsu


Here is a declassified version of the document that Agents in Tokyo were able to recover via a mission in Ueno Park this weekend. Read more about their adventure here or in my Weekly Wrap-Up.

It contains high value intelligence related to the #Obsidian: Hamamatsu XM Anomaly… This Anomaly appears to have some interesting properties: It’s a hybrid of a traditional Cluster Battle with a Flash Shard Anomaly. .6qrh8fiet2b3v-I’ll be interested to see how it unfolds.

Here’s the document in English and Japanese:

#Obsidian: Hamamatsu

#Obsidian: Hamamatsu (日本語)

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Good luck at these Anomalies, Agents.

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