Of Heaven and Earth



Susanna Moyer just called me, and then sent this image my way.

Yesterday, she shared that she had received a note and a tracking slip for some kind of package.

Today, that package has arrived. It’s a small metal box secured with a padlock. No key was included, but this image was taped to the side.

I strongly suspect that the two clues provided may help us unlock this box.

The first communication received was a message in Italian shaped like a key. This most recent clue, the image above, seems to maafrtqxhusqlyekodoiiindicate a sculpture of some kind along with a number: 1455976800.

Susanna has told me that she intends to take the box with her to Seattle for the #Obsidian Anomaly. If the key can be recovered and an Agent brings it to her there, she’ll open the box onstage and share its contents with him or her.

Agents, can you help put this together?



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