Hank Johnson: An Ancient Compass



This just came in via Hank Johnson, some commentary on recent discoveries in The Explorations of Obsidius, as well as his thoughts on the mission in Bologna to recover a certain key… I believe this key will unlock a lockbox currently in Susanna Moyer’s possession.

Thanks, #ObsidianExplorers for recovering all these pages.cc8c918ec68c8b9e9d9693968b868bc78ecc9b

It seems clear to me that Obsidius was referring to very primitive compasses created in China during the Han Dynasty. It’s quite possible that Obsidius saw these in his travels up what we now know as the Silk Road, which, of course, wasn’t really a road, but a network of trading routes.

While it’s clear that the Romans were not keen on exploration, they were curious about trade routes and might well have attempted to chart them. For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, there was quite an interesting news story involving a Roman trading vessel which might have been found of the coast of Brazil.

While they may not have been keen on exploration, they certainly covered some distance…

Also, I’m curious about this locked box that Susanna has gotten a hold of. Apparently the key is in Bologna somewhere.

I’ve seen a protected message transmitted this way before. A little old school, but it works. I’d be curious to see if we can learn the source so I can see if it’s who I’m thinking of.

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