Key Recovered in Bologna by Enlightened

Key Recovered in Bologna by Enlightened

Earlier today, representatives of both Factions met in front of the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna. A mission went live just moments after 3PM local time, and the Agents began a breakneck race through a series of puzzles and challenges in order to be the first to recover a mysterious key. Both Susanna Moyer and I believe this key will open a lockbox currently in her possession.

Agent GinoPaciocca was the first to complete the mission, and has recovered the key for the Enlightened.

This, however, was only the first step in the challenge that lies before us.1872.22.761412.13.7132.9635.33.42151.11911.413.841.

Susanna Moyer is going to be taking the lockbox with her to the #Obsidian Anomaly in Seattle. The Enlightened must now work together to get the key to her in order to gain access to its contents.

Excellent work today, Agents. I’m looking forward to discovering what lies at the heart of this mystery.



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