PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: February 21, 2016


This week’s been a whirlwind: lots of new information and leads. It feels like it’s building up to something bigger…something I suspect will go down at next weekend’s Anomaly events. Let’s take a look at what’s happened so far.

In last week’s Wrap-Up, we talked about Obsidius and the Obsidian Shield technology that the Acolyte and Jahan are so desperate to get their hands on. I wanted to know what he was really up to (and why).

We got a few clues earlier this week when Agents uncovered a sizable chunk of Obsidius’s journal. There’s a lot there, but here are my main takeaways:

  • Obsidius met with the Magnus in a secret meeting place inside Mount Vesuvius, but was unable to learn their identity.
  • The Magnus instructed Obsidius to travel the world, finding and reporting back crucial information.
  • After Vesuvius, Obsidius and his companions met with Titus in Rome. He warned them that the Magnus had powerful enemies, and they should watch their backs.
  • Cybella, the Oracle, had prescient visions about events from our era, including Epiphany Night  and Darsana. And finally, Cybella spoke of two legendary shields (Ancile and Aegis). Titus also made reference to being shielded during their meeting at the Pantheon of Marcus Agrippa.

We’ll need more information to put this in perspective, but it’s clear that the Obsidian and the Shield were destined to collide.xisyeguofihreddernhgithtpow

The final piece of intel about next weekend’s Anomalies emerged following a mission in Japan. The document revealed that the Anomaly in Hamamatsu will be a hybrid with elements of both Cluster Battles and Flash Shards… an interesting development.7idi7tymaep2ott7b

The other big piece of news involved a mysterious package that was sent to Susanna Moyer. It started when she received an anonymous note with a tracking number and a message in Italian, indicating that Agents needed to recover a key in order to unlock something of great importance. Sure enough, a locked metal box showed up the next day, along with a coded image directing Agents to meet at the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna on Saturday afternoon. There, they found a mission leading them through a series of puzzles. The first Agent to complete the mission, GinoPaccioca of the Enlightened, recovered a small metal key that will presumably unlock the secrets held within the box. Susanna said that, when she tried to pick the lock, there were some…traumatizing results, so she’ll bring the box with her to Seattle in hopes that Agents can bring the key to her there. I expect the wheels are already in motion to make this happen, and hopefully we’ll find out where this box came from and who was behind it. Hank Johnson claims to have some ideas

Especially as we head into the Anomaly events this coming weekend, I want to knit together what we know about Obsidius’s mission and this new modern-day quest for the Obsidian Shield that’s gripped the Acolyte and Jahan (and, by extension, both Factions). What can we learn from what happened in the past? What was the fate of the Obsidian Shield back then…and how does that affect us today?

I’ll be looking to you all to be my eyes and ears on the ground; be sure to share your experiences in Seattle, Hamamatsu, Madrid, Milwaukee, and Rio. And those of you who won’t be at the Anomalies, stay tuned in and keep talking. We’ve got a mystery to solve.



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