An Enemy’s Enemy


A source sent this surveillance transcript my way earlier today. One of the speakers is clearly Hank Johnson, and I have a pretty confident guess on the other speaker as well. Let me know who you think it is in the comments, let’s see if we’re on the same page.

As for the subject matter, it’s a pretty timely reminder that when we meddle with powerful technologies, both modern and ancient, the law of unintended consequences is always lurking in the shadows…

Here’s a transcript of the conversation:

REDACTED: The heat. The crashing and rumbling sounds. I sense that what Obsidius, Cybella and Syphax saw in the chamber was a premonition of the eruption of Vesuvius.ry458lfllrbc6lryf8lfllryf8lrxf8llqlllprc8lrg

JOHNSON: I agree. The eruption was attributed to the gods, of course. I suspect they were right. After what I experienced in the Congo…

REDACTED: The Dark XM crater?zyxfb0fxbqfv38qlpz9byxpbxxcbyzyxy79fa

JOHNSON: Yeah. And the 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan, too. It’s possible that the eruption was caused by… outside influence. Directly or indirectly.

REDACTED: But why?

JOHNSON: To silence the Magnus? To stop the Obsidian Shield?

REDACTED: Are you saying this to dissuade me from pursuing it?

JOHNSON: I’m saying this because you… we… need to know what we’re dealing with.

REDACTED: Jarvis would not have asked me to do this if he believed the cause was tainted. Our Friends…

JOHNSON: An enemy’s enemy is also a friend. But there are strings attached.


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