Close to the Sun



We know that the Acolyte have been in contact with Hank Johnson recently, now it seems that Jahan has been in touch with him as well.

Hank Johnson’s knowledge about the impact of XM on ancient civilizations is clearly something both of these powerful 553858966558289756961755975567Faction leaders see tremendous value in.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation:

JAHAN: Were you withholding information from her or are you blind to the code that Obsidius was speaking in.

JOHNSON: I think you misdirected your text to me and intended to send it to somebody who knew what you were talking about. Someone on your side, maybe.

JAHAN: It’s right in front of your nose. It’s obvious. You don’t see it?

JOHNSON: If you’re referring to the fact that Obsidius traveled under Titus’ aegis, I think that it is obvious. In fact, they made no attempt to conceal that fact. Have I redeemed myself?

JAHAN: You redeem yourself when you see the opportunities that lie ahead.

JOHNSON: I see the opportunities. I also see the dangers. That makes me twice as aware as you on this subject, doesn’t it?

JAHAN: Fortune favors…

JOHNSON: Icarus was bold, too.


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