#Obsidian Begins

From news of travelers heading to Seattle, to updates on the key, to the beginning of the #Obsidian Anomalies… lots is happening… lots to keep an eye on.

The Enlightened currently have a massive lead in Hamamatsu. It’ll be interesting to see how that position holds or erodes as the other Anomalies begin to report in.

Tycho broke his silence earlier today, claiming he has a friend headed to Seattle who may need a shadow to watch his or her back. This friend will also be signing copies of Ingress: Origins for Agents. If you haven’t got a copy yet, this seems a good opportunity.

Dr. Edgar Wright posted as well, a cryptic message that may or may no(hrq^!b(x(zt be connected to what Tycho was talking about. Unclear.

And finally, some photos have surfaced of the key that will hopefully lead to the unlocking of the box in Seattle tomorrow. It looks like it made the trip from Italy successfully… well done, Agents.445234555151152422234432241342341434444115242223444444523442

I don’t know what’s inside that box, but I have a strong feeling powerful operators in the Ingress world would go to great lengths to find out. I hope the Agents who take charge of its contents will use their power wisely.


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