The Work Continues

The Work Continues


The first day of #Obsidian Anomalies has come to an end, and the Enlightened are in powerful position at this point in time. Between Hamamatsu and Seattle, they’ve created a comfortable margin and set up the Resistance with a significant challenge for April 2.

Hank Johnson shared his thoughts on the outcome of the day. It’s an interesting read. He’s always been somewhat of a moderate at heart, but it’s clear he has more sympathy for the Acolyte than Jahan when it comes to the topic of the Obsidian Shield.

Here’s what he had to say:

Today was a good day.

Agents in Madrid, Milwaukee and Rio… I commend your drive, but your vision is unclear. You should stop and disengage from your own momentum so that you see your direction. When you do that, you’ll be in a position to ask yourself –4ac7vtvou6in5da– is this the path I want to travel on? The path I want to lead others towards? You have an opportunity here to self-reflect and come to a new understanding of your role in the world.

Agents in Hamamatsu and Seattle, you did excellent work today. You’ve set us up to achieve something important.

As for the Obsidian Shield. I’ll be honest, it worries me… I have my doubts… the law of unknown consequences is a constant nagging voice in the back of my mind.0110111)01101001011011!0)!10010101110)0101!001000110)100011)01100110!)0101!1011001100!)1)!1101100111010))1110111011011110!!0101001110011011)!0010111100001101))0

But I do know that the Acolyte is pursuing this vision with clear intent. And I’ve had enough interactions with Jahan and Anti-Magnus to know that I don’t trust them, and their vision of the future is one I’m just not compatible with, nor do I want to be.

Good work today, Agents. But the work continues.

Hank Johnson via Google+


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