PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: February 28, 2016


It was an intense weekend of Anomaly events. Agents, congrats on what you accomplished.

Last week we learned more about Obsidius, but questions remained about how the events of the past will help us understand the modern-day battle between the Acolyte and Jahan. And then there was the mysterious lockbox sent anonymously to Susanna Moyer, which she promised to open in Seattle if Agents could get the key to her after it was recovered in Bologna.

This week brought us answers on both of these fronts. Hank Johnson was recorded speaking to both the Acolyte and Jahan about their plans to construct the Obsidian Shield. To me, it’s pretty telling that he’s warning both of them to be extremely careful with this technology… it’s worth thinking deeply about what they’re asking Enlightened and Resistance Agents to do and what the consequences might be. The effects of whatever experiments Jahan and the Acolyte are conducting have already started spreading through the Portals, as evidenced by leaked intel describing heightened 7gkn95nh0jk9b21 attack capabilities in Ultra Strike XMPs.

The elusive Dr. Wright referred to a “rendezvous” taking place in Seattle. I have heard some rumors that a document was recovered in Seattle (perhaps as part of GORUCK Spec-Ops maneuvers?) A connection seems plausible, but remains unconfirmed.

Susanna Moyer made good on her word. Enlightened Agent BigMatty brought the key, Susanna brought the box, and in Seattle they opened it and discovered what was within. The bad news is, neither of them is talking about what they found yet. In his post discussing the recovery, all BigMatty will say is that ‘it’s not that simple, and that he can’t fully explain why. Trust me, I’m tracking this as feverishly as you are.

Hank Johnson offered his take on the Enlightened’s big win during the Anomaly events yesterday. While he clearly supports the efforts of both the Enlightenment and the Acolyte, he has some concerns that he’s now voiced publicly.

For me, it’s telling that neither the Acolyte nor Jahan have said anything in the open about their plans for the Obsidian Shield. According to the last Ingress Report, they will be present at Anomalies in April (Jahan in Orlando, the Acolyte in Vienna)… Given that, I suspect they’ll be breaking their silence soon.

In the days that follow, I’ll be trying to figure out what lies ahead for Jahan, the Acolyte and their Factions. If Jahan is on the back foot after the Enlightened’s success this weekend, what will she do? Are they actually prepared to deal with the consequences of pursuing the Obsidian Shield technology? And what can we find out about the contents of the lockbox?

Let me know what you’re thinking.


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