Obsidian and Marked

Both Dr. Edgar Wright and Hank Johnson have spoken up as new photos emerged today revealing a peek at the contents of the mysterious box from Seattle.

Their messages were strikingly similar… both warned that the contents were of great value, a secret to be used wisely, and both believed that the contents may originate with Josiah -4758797148615664677673507548624268+ Harlan, possibly Artifacts stolen from the 13MAGNUS Azmati family centuries ago.

Here’s what Dr. Wright had to say

BigMatty… I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but I am most interested in any information that you could share regarding the box and its contents.

Share this information privately only.

It is unknown to me what forces and powers seek knowledge of its contents. It is my suspicion that the box originates with Josiah Harlan, and contains objects that are obsidian and marked in a cryptic and yet curiously familiar manner.

While Dr. Johnson and perhaps Jahan can supply more details, it seems to me that you might well possess the key to Obsidian and quite possibly some Primal Artifacts.

Dr. Edgar Allan Wright via Google+

And here’s Hank Johnson’s post on the subject:

I share Dr. Wright’s suspicions on the contents of the Box.

I remember old mentions of some items stolen from the Azmatis by Harlan or agents operating under his direction. I do not question that he believed he was doing the right thing, but ultimately he may have been in the wrong.

I strongly suggest that you not underestimate the importance of what you now possess.

If they are what I think they are, there is potential danger should they fall into the wrong hands.

If you will contact me privately, I can explain more.

Hank Johnson via Google+





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