First the Shield


My sources tell me fragments of this transcript were recovered by Agents taking part in GORUCK Spec Op exercises in Seattle this past weekend.

Johnson continues to serve as a voice of almost paranoid concern about the Acolyte and Jahan’s fanatical pursuit of the Obsidian Shield technology.

Here is the transcript of this document:

JAHAN: You know what we’ve learned about Obsidius means, don’t you Hank? Surely you must.

JOHNSON: Your library.

JAHAN: Exactly. You saw the story in my library. And you have processed the implications of the Niantic Project. You know what Calvin was trying to do.

JOHNSON: I don’t think even Calvin knew what he was trying to do. He was chasing… immortality… power… knowledge. I don’t know that he had some selfless motive in all this.

JAHAN: He was chasing an instinct… an idea. He just stumbled on a path that had been traveled before. He was trying to merge the knowledge and methods of both 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus. That has been done before.

JOHNSON: By the Vesuvian Magnus. And there did that path take them, Jahan? Look what became of them.

JAHAN: They were sabotaged. They were trying to do something… almost blasphemous.

JOHNSON: Whatever happened, the Shield was never finished. We have no idea whether it would have worked. The Vesuvian Magnus, you are correct, was a rogue operation. It was a Magnus composed of dissident 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus members working together.

JAHAN: And that’s why they were being hunted. Their work was being sabotaged by the leadership of 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus who saw them as cowards and traitors.

JOHNSON: And for all we know, Vesuvius was triggered by a failed experiment like Epiphany Night.

JAHAN: Or they were destroyed from beyond…WiQWuQyqIwQiYquYqQyqyQyqQuYIqWuPYeEuY

JOHNSON: I’ll believe that when I see the evidence. What I do know is that to pursue the shield is unwise. What happened to the Vesuvian Magnus could happen again.

JAHAN: Our tech is better. Our tools are better. They will create safety.

JOHNSON: And what do you make of Cybella’s Prophecy? First the shield, then the sword…


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