Ingress Report: #Obsidian Day One – March 3 2016

Ingress Report: #Obsidian Day One – March 3 2016

This week on the Ingress Report:

Susanna Moyer, on the ground in Seattle, takes a look at the first day of #Obsidian Anomalies. In a high-stakes battle, Agents faced off in Hamamatsu, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Milwaukee and Seattle itself, as well as exhausting and challenging GORUCK Stealth and Urban Ops at each of the sites. The Enlightened push hard, and end the day with a major advantage heading into the #Obsidian Anomalies on April 2. Find more details on those upcoming Anomalies at

At the Primary Site, Agent BigMatty and Susanna work together to unlock a mysterious box that now seems to sit at the heart of a controversial decision facing the Enlightened Faction.

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