What would you choose?

What would you choose?

Yesterday, Agent BigMatty and his fellow Enlightened were given a difficult choice: Share the Artifacts from the metal box (what some are now calling the Harlan box) with the Acolyte or with Jahan.

If they choose to share with Jahan, they will gain a large packet of intel that would no doubt be extremely valuable for their entire Faction. If they choose to stand with the Acolyte, an esteemed leader of their Faction, they will gain much less intelligence.

I do not know how they intend to make their decision, but I am curious: What would you choose in their shoes?EhdcjccgfifcbbaJejebcdfdbggbbbkFhgjeicggffcbbCfgcecijieefbbfcbaCiijhjcdcaCjebhjicgjcjBhdjebgjhdgdcgfbaEfgcccfdicifchbhdcibaIdgejjfjfccdcaFifbigedfgeeebfeecFjgjfffjhjbccfgbJcjdjfjhigbbaIdjjcidjgjfheBbjidhfdddeddjibidhaBdbdhdbhcdefjfehbaJhidcffgjdaIdheigggcifdghfdaEdedffcebieefbaBhgjjecdedeihjeba


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