The Enlightened Choice



It’s been kind of a whirlwind, watching the last 24 hours unfold.

Over 12,000 of you voiced your opinion in the online poll yesterday, and the vote was split right down the middle. Reliable sources have told me that Dr. Edgar Wright and Hank Johnson both spoke privately with Agent BigMatty but chose to remain neutral in terms of guiding his and his fellow Agents’ decision.

Just a few hours ago, their choice emerged.

They have sacrificed access to Jahan’s deep well of intelligence in order to stand by one of their Faction’s most vocal and visionary leaders: The Acolyte.

Here is the message that appeared on Agent BigMatty’s G+ page. It is a letter to him from Agent GaanEden. As instructed by the Acolyte, an image of the Enlightened Glyph was attached to this post.

Dear BigMatty,

I can only imagine the pressure you have been under for the past few days. I do not envy you. PA Chapeau called it ‘a deal with the devil.’ I believe it is a choice of philosophy. I know that you telling me the full situation–a person who has been spared the many pulling voices–gave you the calm clarity you needed to see things as they really are. I heard the new understanding in your voice as you laid out the choices as you knew them.

Knowledgeable, experienced Enlightened agents, like AgentKelly, SK8ZION, zmaya, and MyGz, have shared their lore and wisdom with us. While both Jahan and the Acolyte are seen as radicals amongst their factions, the short-term advantage Jahan offers does not outweigh the possible long-term damage she could do. (I can only imagine how livid the Resistance must be at her offer. Will Jahan give them the sitni69hgwgzy6w3 information when she is denied?) The Acolyte, while not offering a tactical advantage, will still listen to Hank’s voice of reason before she decides what to do. It is prudent to give this powerful item to someone who believes in Enlightenment, even if it means we have to fight harder on the ground. We believe humanity is best advanced when people lift each other up, not when we purge our weakest elements.

In the end, there is no choice: we must stand our ground and pursue Enlightenment.

Good luck. I will return on Sunday.11pgJOVMAoVCAc2Vwd2J2dWl2eTZk

Agent BigMatty via Google+

I hope this choice serves them well.


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