PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: March 6, 2016



Agents, it’s been an incredible week. The events that have unfolded over the past few days have brought thousands of Agents into a global dialogue about what they stand for, and what the right path forward is – for their Factions and for all of us.

If you missed any of the action, here’s your opportunity to catch up. Last weekend, we were collectively recovering from a phenomenal set of Anomalies where, despite Resistance victories in Madrid, Rio, and Milwaukee, the Enlightened ultimately prevailed (for more information, check out Susanna Moyer’s report of the Anomaly weekend). This meant that the Acolyte had gained the support she needed to begin creating the Obsidian Shield… a major step in defending humanity against the N’zeer.8thp6j7d6o

Yet, as we’ve discovered this week, the effects of the Obsidian Anomalies went far beyond the fierce competition in the Anomaly Zones.

First, we heard from both Dr. Wright and Hank Johnson offering their perspectives on the mysterious metal box that was sent to Susanna Moyer and transferred to Enlightened Agent BigMatty at the Anomaly in Seattle.

Then, a transcript uncovered during the GORUCK exercises in Seattle emerged and shed new light on the explorations of Obsidius. In it, we learned that the Magnus he was working was a unified group made up of rogue members from both the 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus cults… a strange and unique historical phenomenon. The transcript also suggests that the eruption of Mount Vesuvius may have been either an experiment gone wrong or an attempt to silence those voices. Both of these possibilities are equally worrisome.

We’d been waiting to hear how both Jahan and the Acolyte would react after the first set of Obsidian Anomalies; they broke their silence this week in an unusual fashion by offering valuable information in exchange for access to the contents of the box. Although this choice was left in the hands of BigMatty and his fellow Agents, it offered an opportunity for a public debate about Jahan, the Acolyte, and what each of us would do if given this same choice. I’m now seeing over 14,000 votes along with hundreds of comments from Agents weighing in.

It appears that a choice was made about 24 hours ago: BigMatty posted the Enlightened Glyph on his Google+ page, the agreed-upon sign that the Acolyte’s offer had been accepted. Information about the contents of the box will be shared with her, and she will be allowed to examine them in person in Vienna. In return, she will provide strategically valuable information to the Agents involved.

What lies ahead is anyone’s guess, but as for me, here’s what I think will matter most in the days to come:

What will the Acolyte offer in exchange for access to the box’s contents? Can we begin to unravel some of the mysteries and secrets that surround her – like how she intends to use the knowledge from the box? Meanwhile, how will Jahan react to being shunned, especially following the Resistance loss during last weekend’s Anomalies? And given all this, what will unfold as a result of the final Obsidian Anomalies?

Whether you ally yourselves with the Enlightened, the Resistance or something else entirely, the kind of discussion I’ve seen this week represents the kind of introspection, deliberation, and dialogue that is essential to our Investigation.

If you haven’t already joined this conversation, now’s your chance: surface the questions that still need answers, share what you believe, and don’t be afraid to keep fighting to find the truth.

Proud of you all, Agents.


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