Obsidius: Letter to Marcus – I



A source sent this to me, claiming there were more like it out there. Apparently, somewhere along his journey, Obsidius began to send letters to a friend via a series of intermediaries. According to the source, these letters shed light on Obsidius’s relationship with Syphax and Cybella as they undertook their long journey for the Magnus.

Here’s a transcript of this letter:

Appendix I-I. Letter to ‘Marcus’ (Identify of Marcus debated).

Marcus. I hope this finds you well.hhhh68dd08iii08dd78gg87ii37d87iii96i77j57ggg97gg07eee48cc96gg87eee77gg87dd37hhhh87i96ee86hhh68dd37dd48ff

I write in some haste and am sending this letter on through Philomenus, who I met in passing at the market in Minnagra and will ask that he pass this message to you as its very nature is confidential and I am not comfortable sending it through usual channels. It is probably best that you be discreet with this information, but I want somebody to have it should my travels come to calamity.

I have set off on a long and indefinite journey at the request of powerful men and unfortunately, I cannot reveal the exact nature of it. In all honesty, some aspects of it remain a mystery to me. My companions are a guide by the name of Syphax and an Oracle known as Cybella along with a small retinue of attendants which changes often, for the secret nature of our journey necessitates that only the three of us must know where our path leads.

In any case, a shadow has come over my endeavor that I want to share with you. It seems that we have been followed by agents of unknown origin. The other night, Syphax, who possesses considerable gifts as a diplomat and translator (he speaks nearly every language and dialect we have encountered as if he were a native) excused himself to do some reconnaissance on who might be following us. Near the break of dawn he returned with some dark stains on his garment and said little other than he had scared them off. As we were in the countryside, I could not help but notice swirling carrion fowl in the sky in the distance. It occurs to me that he may be something more than a guide. And as he was not of my selection, it causes grave concerns in me as to what our actual mission might be.

Yes. I know you will accuse me of too active an imagination. And your suspicions might well have merit, but I wanted some record of this event to survive me should I come to an unexpected end. Will write more when time allows.



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