BigMatty to reveal Anomaly Intel on BTS Tomorrow



Earlier today, Dr. Wright posted on G+ that Agent BigMatty would be using his time on Behind the Scanner tomorrow evening to reveal some important information.

I reached out personally to followup and see if I could get any additional info. He shared with me that the Acolyte had made good on her promise, and that he’s currently in possession of some intel about the upcoming Obsidian Anomalies on April 2. He intends to use his appearance to make some or all of this information public. He’ll also be sharing the story of some of the incredible events that have surrounded him and his fellow Agents the last few weeks.

Should be one to remember. Recommend you tune in, I certainly will.

Earlier today, Agent BigMatty also shared a glimpse at the contents of the Harlan Box. One image shows a single obsidian shard or arrowhead with the Shaper Glyph ‘Together‘ inscribed upon it. Another image shows a string connecting this shard with another obsidian fragment. It is not currently known how many Artifacts were in the box, and whether all of them had Glyphs inscribed upon them. I’ve heard BigMatty may be sharing some more details about the Artifacts on BTS, but can’t confirm that at this time.

Set a reminder on your Scanners, Agents: Tomorrow at 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern, 2AM UTC.



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