Jahan attacks the Enlightened Choice

Jahan Response


I had been wondering when we would hear a reaction from either Jahan or the Acolyte about the choice made by Agent BigMatty and his fellow Enlightened earlier this week.

I received this (somewhat scathing) letter from Jahan earlier today, along with a request to publish it.AhAiChBdAiCcCdCbCfBhCgAbAdBcAfCdBiBdDgCdAi

Despite her suggestion that the intelligence gained by the Enlightened can be reverse engineered by studying the Explorations of Obsidius, the tone of the letter certainly implies disappointment, if not anger. Read for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.312-21308410-1731047716-214-4739110-111

A foolish choice was made in surrendering the information to the Acolyte. They will repent when they know more about her and her shadowy past. The Enlightened are guided by the Shapers, and the Shapers seek only to use us to fulfill their own needs.

But, like all choices, what has happened leaves other paths for us to follow. My belief is that there was nothing in that box that was unknown to Obsidius, Cybella and Syphax. If we decode their words and uncover further records of their explorations, we might know all that Harlan knew and more.

Onwards, Resistance. We have begun the era of the N’zeer, but in the process alarmed the Shapers and their Enlightened servants. As we emerge from the shadows, we can expect the forces of our enemies to push back.

We began hungry and cold in a dark cave. Now we are bathed in knowledge, power and opportunity. It flies past us at the speed of light, controlled by machines of our own making.

Imagine what lies ahead. We will build that. And we will spread it widely, so that all of our brothers and sisters may share equally.

My faith in the Resistance is unwavering. The Obsidian Anomalies will belong to us, and our Shield will clear away the noise from the Shapers that harms humanity.



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