Obsidius: Syphax the Assassin


This is the second letter from Obsidius to his unknown friend, Marcus. The first emerged yesterday.

It seems one of his traveling companions may have been placed with him for a darker purpose.

Here’s a transcript of the letter:


I know not when I will be able to post this message or in whose hands I shall place it. Suffice to say that there have been yet more disturbing developments. We are in a tribal country, though I must not be more specific as to where. Let us say that while not risking open hostility against Rome, banditry and misadventure are common, and a local chieftain made it clear that we would not be allowed to explore the area controlled by his tribe.ya54grmee7npwt3

The event of concern happened two nights ago (but it will be many more before you receive this). Our ‘diplomat’ or ‘emissary,’ Syphax said that he wanted to make contact with the local tribal leader to attempt to negotiate access to a certain group of hills and it would be safer if Cybella and I stayed behind with most of the retinue. Syphax proceeded alone.

In his absence, Cybella stared into the distance, muttering. She rarely shares her visions or portents, but sitting alone, at night in a foreign and dangerous land with a distressed Oracle is a most unnerving experience. She spoke of shards of black stone marked with the language of thought. Chaos. Conflict. The names of strange and unknown persons or groups.

The following morning Syphax returned, as before, with tidings that we were to be granted audience with the new chieftain and suggested that we conduct our exploration in a most efficient manner as the tribe was likely to be suspicious and in an agitated state.

Indeed, when we arrived at the village, we found that they were in mourning for a slain chieftain and that the man who had supposedly killed him had been horribly executed.hrrgwhnaixviheiinctsfyidq

I can not prove this, but once more I have a lurking suspicion that I am travelling with an assassin.



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