A Resistance Agent’s response to Jahan


Agent thedeacon1972, a Resistance Agent, had a fairly strong reaction to the letter from Jahan that I shared yesterday.

His open response to her is worth reading. He brings to surface some of the issues that have led to a fracturing of the Resistance ideology, in particular its increasingly close association to the N’zeer.

What do you think? Where do you stand? Let us all know in the comments.

Dear Jahan,

after reading your message to us, the Resistance agents, I have to admit that I was left with unease in my gut. Let me try to clarify what I
mean by that …

First of all, I pay you and Anti-Magnus my respect for your fight against the Shapers´ influence over the millenia. In this, the Resistance and Anti-Magnus have a common cause. After we´ve won the Obsidian Anomaly series, you´ll get access to the artifacts and will try to activate the Obsidian shield, which then will block the shapers influence on our minds. So far, we have a deal.

But the deal doesn´t go farther than that, Jahan. The Resistance is NOT interested to start “the Age of the N´Zeer”. You see, the Resistance found together and is bound together by the will to resist
ANY alien influence on humanity. We want to build a better future for all humans on this planet. We´ll gladly accept and use N´Zeer technology to reach that goal – “because the Resistance shall never practice xenophobia”, but we will take extra precaution against any influence the N´Zeer will try to exert on human minds. We´re not trading one evil for the other.

And there is something amiss with yourself, Jahan. Your actions have been confusing during the last weeks, to say the least. First, you offered +Hank Johnson a cooperation to block the influence of the Shapers and the N´Zeer – a move most Resistance agents wholeheartedly agreed with. But what would the N´Zeer say to that? Second, you offered our opponents , “the shapers servants”, valuable intel in exchange for information about the Harlan box. Is this the way you treat your allies, Jahan? You should´ve given this intel to us to maximize our chances to win the Obsidian Anomaly. Instead, you´ve chosen a short cut – but to no success. And third, after being turned down, you publish this message full of bull… nobody is really interested in. Why not give your intel now to a well-known resistance Agent who will see that it will reach the right people?

Your motives don´t seem be altruistic, Jahan. The Resistance will do well not to trust you too much. So let me state one thing clearly: You´re not a Resistance leader, Jahan. You´re Anti-Magnus. We don´t need, take or heed orders from you. We´re fighting for humanity, which is the most noble cause. We´re not fighting for you.

Agent thedeacon1972 via Google+


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