Anomaly Intel Fragments Recovered

Anomaly Intel Fragments Recovered

It seems the clue recovered yesterday led Agents to Portals around the world, and the recovery of some important intel related to the upcoming #IngressObsidian Anomalies on April 2.

The fragments reveal the nature of these Anomalies: It appears Cluster Battles will take place across all the Satellite Sites, and the Primary Sites will be Flash Shard Anomalies, with 52 Shards at each site, e8f8vmxut8h2rylebompx5r5y78 Targets per Faction in Hong Kong and Orlando and 10 Targets per Faction in Vienna.

My theory that this intel originated with Jahan remains unconfirmed. But given the value of this information, I am beginning to suspect I was right.

Given that this information has now come to surface, I suspect IQTech Research will begin declassifying its Anomaly Impact Projections in the coming days.1308240013050814130514141323180807130820


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