PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: March 13, 2016




After the events of the last few days, my attention’s been fixed on the upcoming Anomalies on April 2. We’ve learned some important things about them this week, thanks to the Acolyte, Jahan, Agent BigMatty and Agents around the world.

In the last wrap-up, we were witnessing the fallout from the first #IngressObsidian Anomalies. Both Jahan and the Acolyte were vying to find out what was in the box that was anonymously sent to Susanna Moyer and later turned over to Agents. What happened this week turned the conversation towards the future… not just in terms of the Anomalies, but also in terms of the long term vision of the Enlightened and Resistance Factions.

As always, what lies ahead has to be framed by what’s come before; the past echoes in the future. Early in the week, we heard the past echo in the form of two letters, both sent by Obsidius to a friend named Marcus. In them, Obsidius voices growing concern about Syphax, his guide, and the dark events that are trailing them. Obsidius fears that Syphax may be an assassin with a secret mission beyond just the search for ‘Līmina’ (Portals) around the world.//\/-\\\-/\/-\\/\-//\/-///-/-/|/|-///-/-\\-//\/-\\\-\/\/-

It seems clear, however, that these age-old mysteries are critical to the Acolyte and Jahan. In exchange for access to the ancient Artifacts in the box, the Acolyte made good on her promise to trade intel with Agent BigMatty… intel that he was then able to release publicly on Behind the Scanner, shedding some light about the April 2 Anomalies.

Around the same time, Jahan emerged to denounce the Enlightened choice in the form of a letter, a rallying cry aimed towards the Resistance. Yet, at least for some, it seems to have had the opposite effect, as suggested by this open letter to Jahan from Agent thedeacon1972.27-216-25-25-8-9-64-16-64-36-8-16-8-9-64-36-9-64-49

Just as the question was raised of whether Jahan truly represents the ideals of the Resistance, a similar veil of uncertainty seemed to surround the Acolyte… who is she, and what is her agenda? In an attempt to at help answer these questions, I put together a dossier with everything I could find out about the mysterious Enlightened leader. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you check it out. There are some spooky unanswered questions about her…

This turn of events was followed by the release of a clue leading Agents to a set of Portals that contained further intel pertaining to the April 2 Anomalies. I suspect this may have been the information Jahan had been holding on to, but I have no way to prove it.

In the days to come, I’ll keep asking the hard questions about the Acolyte and Jahan… where they’re coming from, where they’re going, and what they have planned for the Obsidian Shield. But as we look towards the next set of Anomalies, we should keep tabs on what’s behind us as well. I’ll be digging for more information about Obsidius, Syphax, Cybella, and the twists and turns of their journey.

Until next week, keep at it, Agents. The work being done here is truly invaluable… even more so than you may realize.


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