Obsidius XXXII – XXXV: Obsidian and Ash



Our #ObsidianExplorers in Reims, France, were able to recover this fascinating but troubling fragment from the Explorations of Obsidius. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one in the comments… there’s a lot to discuss…

Here’s a transcript of this fragment:

XXXII. Another mysterious event has occurred. At the most recent destination I was caught by a shiny glint in the moonlight. I bent over and picked up the object. It was made of the same sharp, glassy material that I identified in Aethiopia and informed Pliny of.

XXXIII. It was triangular and serrated on the sides. Very sharp. I cut my finger and bled a bit. And, there was a curious shape drawn upon it in some ink not known to me. At the time Pliny had said this substance should be named after me. I will call it Obsidian.

XXXIV. At some point, I will show it to Cybella, but now is not the time. She seems to be very much on edge now. Her visions grow more distinct and more terrifying. When she does choose to share them, they do little to put me at ease.

XXXV. Most recently, she spoke of two distant voices guiding her. One from across the līmina. Another from a great beyond. They were arguing, and their voices became a cacophony, then a flame. The flame consumed her, and then all of us and then indeed entire cities around us. Nothing was left in the end but ash and the echoes of their screaming voices. I fear for her, and for all of us.


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