The Path of Fire



The most recent Obsidius Fragment revealed one of Cybella’s darker visions.

Perhaps spurred by that, it seems Hank Johnson has once again attempted to de-escalate the war between Jahan and the Acolyte as they race for control of the Obsidian Shield, an ancient Artifact that has put Hank in a state of deep unease.

Here’s a transcript of this intel asset:

JAHAN: If you are the heir to the Azmati trove of Primal Artifacts, I suspect you already know the meaning of what Obsidius found.

JOHNSON: Azmati’s uncle was murdered before he could explain the meaning and the significance of the objects to me. Why don’t you enlighten me.

JAHAN: It seems you haven’t lost your sense of humor. I’ll let you figure it out. And contemplate all of the implications that travel with these objects. It’s no accident that they are turning up now.

JOHNSON: I long since stopped believing in accidents. But unlike you, I think Cybella’s visions were more than just paranoid hallucinations.

JAHAN: Cybella was a powerful oracle. I’m not a fool. But in order to accomplish great things, risks must be taken.

JOHNSON: What you are doing could mean jeopardy for all of us, Resistance and Enlightened.

JAHAN: Why don’t you tell your precious Acolyte that? She is the one who currently has access to the Artifacts.

JOHNSON: I did. Unfortunately it seems she shares your lack of caution.

JAHAN: I respect her, even as an enemy. To walk a path of fire is the mark of a true leader.

JOHNSON: I prefer the leaders who try to put fires out.

JAHAN: You are so quick to judge, Hank. So content to be small. If you had touched the substrate as I have, you would know that any risk would be worth such a reward.


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