IQTech Anomaly Intel for April 2 Anomalies


I’ve obtained declassified versions of IQTech’s Anomaly Intel for the #IngressObsidian Anomalies on April 2nd.

These detailed documents by IQTech Research outline the scoring mechanics and rules for the Obsidian Finale Anomalies, and are a must-read for anyone looking to take part in an Anomaly that day.

#Obsidian: Hong Kong

#Obsidian: Colombo

#Obsidian: Vienna

#Obsidian: Copenhagen

#Obsidian: Orlando

#Obsidian: Mexico City

#Obsidian: San Antonio

#Obsidian: Tucson

Questions or clarifications? Talk to +IQTech Research.

Good luck at these Anomalies, Agents.44721272734474712227333474337476666675555574437473712117433733347376666675666673347433733347434


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