An Ancient Codex

An Ancient Codex



The IQTech documents that surfaced yesterday made mention of Jahan’s communications with Lightman. I sent out some probes to see what could be discovered.

This online chat transcript seems to confirm that Jahan has indeed been in touch with the former Glyph expert. I say former as his current mental state is unknown… following the events of Shōnin, Persepolis and Abaddon, the Niantic Researcher recursed along with the others, losing all his memories since the Niantic Project began.

The loss of knowledge as a result of these recursions has been staggering, and this chat between Lightman and (presumably) Jahan seems to confirm it.

Their conversation reveals that Jahan has uncovered some kind of ancient text relating to the Obsidian Shield. Given the gains the Acolyte has made in recent weeks (Enlightened victories at the first Obsidian Anomalies, then the recovery of the arrowhead artifacts from the Harlan box), it’s likely Jahan is searching for any and all opportunities that could level the playing field.

Here’s a transcript of their conversation. Although the other speaker is not identified, I am presuming that this individual was Jahan from context…

Jahan: How is your recovery proceeding?

Lightman: Newfound understanding of what Wright must have experienced. And Klue

Jahan: I need your skills.

Lightman: Not sure they’re all the way back.

Jahan: I have found a codex. Ancient. I think it is a reference to the Obsidian Shield.

Lightman: I’d be interested to see it.

Jahan: Check your inbox.

Lightman: Looking.

Lightman: This is interesting.

Jahan: What is it?

Lightman: The Lightman of a year ago would’ve known in an instant. This one will need some time.

Jahan: Time is precious. The Acolyte has seen the arrowheads, soon she will have them in possession.

Lightman: I’ll do what I can.



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