PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: March 20, 2016


Have you noticed, Agents? The ominous quiet? I don’t know about you, but I’m bracing myself.

So where do things stand? At the end of last week, we had snippets of information about what form the Anomalies on April 2 would take, and we’d seen both the Acolyte and Jahan reaching out to Agents to trade information, rally support, or some combination of the two. From what I’ve seen this week, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

This week started off with a clue from an old contact, and thanks to the work of several #ObsidianExplorers, it led to the recovery of new information about the Explorations of Obsidius. These latest entries from Obsidius’s journal told us two things: that Obsidius came across items that were profoundly similar to the objects in the Harlan Box, and that Cybella was receiving decidedly apocalyptic messages about two forces whose struggles resulted in mass chaos and destruction. Any guesses who they might be?w6fcm2cey6f4

Cybella wasn’t the only one who was concerned; a transcript from a few days ago revealed that Hank Johnson spoke again with Jahan, warning her of the dangers that could result from the reckless pursuit of the Obsidian Shield.

According to the IQTech Anomaly intel we saw this week, however, it doesn’t sound like things are slowing down. Both the Acolyte and Jahan are feverishly working to prepare for the events on April 2. The Acolyte is hoping to capitalize on the Enlightened lead following the February 27 Anomalies, her goal remains to use the Obsidian Shield in order to block the N’zeer.

Jahan has her own plans in motion… an attempt to sabotage the Acolyte and Enlightened. She has uncovered an ancient codex and is working with Glyph expert Stein Lightman to try and find another way to activate the Obsidian Shield. If she succeeds, she’ll wield its power against the Shapers.

The final lead that we were given this week came in the form of another Portal Clue…and the imagery suggests that it might be connected to the Acolyte. Reports have been coming in from Agents who have been pursuing this lead, and a full compilation of their recovery efforts will follow shortly.

Agents, there seems to be far more at stake on April 2 than either the Acolyte or Jahan are willing to admit, at least in public. What do they know? What are they hiding? I’ve already done a deep dive trying to figure out more about who the Acolyte really is, and I’m now developing a dossier for Jahan as well.

The bottom line is this: the past and the present are converging… rapidly and violently. If we want to get out ahead of this and prepare for what’s to come we need to keep our eyes on two separate threads… the ones that began two thousand years ago with Obsidius, and the ones being spun out by Jahan, the Acolyte, and others as we speak.

Our work isn’t done, Agents, but we’re on the right track. That brings me to one other thing… you might have noticed that there’s a new feature on the Investigate website, over on the right-hand side: the Question of the Day. I want to use it to recompile what we know, but also see what you all think about questions that are central to our Investigation. Together we can uncover far more than we ever could alone.

Until next time, Agents.


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