Absolute Faith


Some days ago, Jahan had reached out to Stein Lightman, the Glyph expert, and sought his assistance. Her goal remains to activate the Obsidian Shield and use its power to block the influence of the Shapers on humanity. However, after the strong performance by the Enlightened on February 27th and their recovery of Artifacts related to the Shield, she has an uphill battle ahead of her.

Now, relying on the secrets contained in an ancient script, she is hoping to find other means to reach her endgame. Success for her will ultimately rest on the shoulders of the Resistance Agents at the Anomalies next week, but if she does succeed, it could dramatically alter the landscape of our world.

Lightman’s last words, however, seem ominous to me… and he’s not the only person who’s warned her about the path she’s pursuing.6w3mnvr4gx25nol22w2znxj4chv5g


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