I’ve obtained another letter from Obsidius. This one is addressed to his commander (who could that be?).

It’s clear from the contents that as the voyage proceeded, Obsidius was growing more and more uncomfortable with his situation. Also, it’s interesting to note that the name of the city that Obsidius mentioned, Tashkurgan, means ‘The Stone Tower.’ Make of that what you will.

Here’s a transcript of the letter:


Our route is most circuitous and involves frequent visits to places where nothing exists, though Cybella assures me that something will exist here at some time or even that something once existed in these places and sometimes there are ruins or scarring of the earth that suggests that there might be some merit to what she says. In any case, as it is likely that this letter will reach you and you will be able to contact Tashkurgan before I arrive, I would like you to set a meeting for me with your most trusted magistrate. There are some things I wish to communicate without risk of interception by agents either outside or inside this group. 4wot5qnatrnu5t7hThis matter is most important.

Your servant.05186657159668976758483797876645961547



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