The Traitors


It seems both Dr. Edgar Allan Wright and Hank Johnson noticed something suspicious in the new Obsidius fragment that emerged yesterday.

There are a number of unanswered questions about this so-called ‘Vesuvian Magnus,’ but there is one area where I’m inclined to agree with them… I think Obsidius was a pawn in a much larger game. And that, my friends, may have some pretty seriously implications on our world today.

So, is the tin foil hat on too tight or do you think I might be on to something here? Let me know in the comments.

Here’s a transcript of Johnson and Wright’s conversation:

WRIGHT: Dr. Johnson, I am curious about your interpretation of the latest communication discovered between Obsidius and his commander who I presume must be his later Emperor Titus. What do you make of it?

JOHNSON: Not much to go on. I think he was starting to crack. I’m guessing it was his growing distrust of Syphax or perhaps Cybella was going crazy. After all, she was an oracle and this sounds like very hard travel. Maybe she was talking him with her…

WRIGHT: I am thinking along similar lines, but with one important difference. This happened after the discovery of the Obsidian Arrow and his first exposure to a Glyph. It might well be that he is noticing problems with the mission itself. I think he had begun to develop suspicions about the Vesuvian Magnus.

JOHNSON: At this point I don’t know if any of us even know what the Vesuvian Magnus really was…

WRIGHT: Suppose it was, in nature, something what like Calvin attempted to establish with Niantic.

JOHNSON: An attempt to artificially collect sensitives without regard to alignment? Fascinating thought.

WRIGHT: And what would the political ramifications of that have been two thousand years ago? Would they be enemies to both 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus? Traitors?

JOHNSON: I don’t know. But that question is very relevant to the modern endeavor to re-create the shield. Who was Obsidius really working for? I don’t think he knew.

WRIGHT: My thoughts exactly. The possibilities are ominous to say the very least.


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