Who is Jahan?


The time has come for me to share the follow-up to the dossier I recently compiled about the Acolyte; what follows is the high-level summary of everything I was able to pull together from Felicia Hajra-Lee and other inside sources within the XM research and development community about the Anti-Magnus leader, Jahan.


Jahan is the leader of the so called ‘Anti-Magnus’ cult.  This organization dates back thousands of years and is dedicated to the cause of an ancient power which they refer to as the ‘N’zeer.’  Jahan is viewed by many as the current leader of the Resistance Faction (although that is the subject of some controversy).

Jahan was born and raised in India in her family compound near Pune. She did graduate work in England and the United States and worked for a large Indian-based pharmaceutical company doing drug research before branching off to form her own private research organization.  This new entity appears to do some legitimate commercial drug development work but may also be a cover for Anti-Magnus activities.  Jahan has been romantically linked to Hank Johnson although her interests may not have been genuine as she was also involved in an effort to kidnap him to gain access to a 13MAGNUS nest.

Jahan was first spotted by Western intelligence organizations while doing graduate work in the US but she did not come under scrutiny until late 2014 when her involvement with the Anti-Magnus organization became widely known. Since that time, she has been at the heart of a number of operations and events, most recently, a bid to control an artifact known as ‘the Obsidian Shield.’  She believes that N’zeer technology can solve humanity’s most dire problems: poverty, famine, and even war.


Jahan was born into a familial clan that has been at the center of the Anti-Magnus organization since its inception.  The clan is believed to pass leadership from one matriarch to the next through a complicated blood ritual.  The clan believes that this ceremony creates a conscious link from one generation to the next forming an unbroken chain of memory going back to the inception of the organization.  As the designated matriarch of the clan, Jahan sees it as her duty to preserve the clan’s collected library of knowledge about the N’zeer and to seek out and collect so called ‘Prime XM Artifacts’ that are believed to directly embody N’zeer technology.

The palace in India where Jahan was raised contains a vast archive of knowledge and powerful treasures related to XM, the Shapers, and the N’zeer, and represents the hard-won fruits of her family’s efforts throughout the centuries. 4uv3lkktg9rj6am

Despite a relatively comfortable upbringing, however, Jahan’s history is nonetheless marked by struggle and tragedy in equal parts: both her mother and sister were murdered—poisoned—by those acting on behalf of the Azmati clan. The Jahan family clan believe that the 13MAGNUS cult and other agents of the Shapers have been attempting to eliminate their family line and purge all traces of the N’zeer for thousands of years.

After completing her primary education in the Maharashtra province, Jahan studied in England and the United States, exploring Philosophy, Ethics, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy before finally settling on Biochemistry, in which she excelled. According to a source who knew her during that era, she was highly driven and rarely socialized, choosing instead to work extra hours as a laboratory assistant and volunteering for local charities.

After returning to India, she worked a well known multinational Indian pharmaceutical organization before leaving to start her own pharmaceutical research company. She is a founding member of multiple organizations involved in healthcare, poverty alleviation, education and microfinance for rural populations in India, the most notable of which, the Reason Foundation, may also have ties to XM research.


She met Hank Johnson while volunteering as a nurse at a small temple in a village near Pune. Whether their meeting was a coincidence, destiny, or something planned by her all along is currently unknown. What is known is that she took Hank Johnson under her wing, nursing him back to health from severe combat-related wounds. During the course of Hank’s recovery, they developed a close bond. However, their relationship ended abruptly when Jahan forced Hank to help recover the Shōnin Stone and then made him lead her to a 13MAGNUS Nest in Afghanistan in order to co-opt the technology within it and further the N’zeer cause.

At the Nest; however, she was foiled by Azmati, and the results were catastrophic. The 13MAGNUS Nest was destroyed, forcing Jahan to seek out and attempt to activate the technology contained in an Anti-Magnus nest in Persepolis. There, she was confounded by ADA, who had beaten her to the nest and bonded with the N’zeer substrate. In a tenuous alliance, Jahan and Hank Johnson then worked together to recover an XM Artifact that would unlock the ABADN chamber beneath CERN and free the simulacra of the original Niantic Project researchers.

She proposed a reconciliation between 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus forces (as well as between the Enlightened and the Resistance Factions) following Abaddon, but it is likely that her offer was merely a ploy. Both she and the Acolyte are fighting bitterly as both seek to control the Obsidian Shield for their own purposes.

Don’t let this timeline fool you, though; Jahan has likely been working behind the scenes to manipulate the events of the Niantic Project for some time. She’s been in the shadows, working with Ezekiel Calvin, Antoine Smith, Visur Technology, and the NIA… She was once a student of Devra Bogdanovich and may even have anonymously helped her develop her Portal virus.

Beyond this, Jahan seems to have the wisdom of many lives, which lends some credence to the blood-ritual theory I mentioned before. According to some observers, she may have been entwined with Hank Johnson in another life. She may even rely on oracular connections to the past.

She has attempted to build an alliance with ADA and holds ties with a number of researchers currently aligned with the Resistance: Devra Bogdanovich, Stein Lightman, Misty Hannah, Enoch Dalby, Carrie Campbell, Victor Kureze, Martin Schubert, and Roland Jarvis.

Jahan is deceptive and possibly dangerous, as we’ve seen, but she also claims that everything she does is for the benefit of humankind, to spread the potential power offered by the N’zeer to the suffering populations who need it most. I’ve come to the conclusion that, although Jahan may have been relatively more visible than the Acolyte during the last year, that doesn’t mean we know her any better—both have their fair share of mysteries, and I’m not sure we can trust either one more than the other.

Share your theories, questions, and other thoughts below…and let me know if I’ve missed anything.


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