A Dangerous Path



The final Obsidian Anomalies are just moments away.

Anomalies are special moments in time when our actions can shape the future.

Use your power wisely. Good luck.

Here is a transcript of this fragment:

Fragment: Attributed to Marcus, friend of Obsidius.

‘… approached me in great distress. He warned me of my own safety and, more importantly, of yours. He claims that the endeavor you are embarked on could bring disaster, for there are those who do not want to be shut out and that they will unleash destruction on us if the Vesuvian Magnus is going to prevail, and should they prevail, there will be famine… I offer you no more as my informer fled… Be careful, Gaius… It appears that there are great immortal powers at work…’uy2fpy1lpc7xzx6ylyj2jpvjppry72fqlplqs


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