PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: April 3, 2016


Agents, it’s all over… #IngressObsidian belongs to the Enlightened. But what exactly happened?

On April 2nd, the Resistance made incredible showings in Hong Kong and Vienna, wiping out the Enlightened’s lead from the February 27 Anomalies. The Enlightened came roaring back to claim the series with a final push in Orlando (the Orlando events can be seen in the archived live stream), and their victory allowed the Acolyte to launch the Obsidian Shield, with the intention of blocking the N’zeer.

In the immediate aftermath of this, reports started pouring in that XM around the Portals was vanishing. From what I’ve seen today, it’s true: we are facing a massive, worldwide XM drought.

What’s going on?

The warnings have been there from the beginning. Hank Johnson and Stein Lightman in the present, and Obsidius and Cybella in the past. They sensed that something was amiss. They tried to warn the Acolyte and Jahan on multiple occasions not to meddle with powers that they did not fully understand.

Their warnings were not heeded.

The current XM drought is the clear consequence of the Acolyte’s deployment of the Obsidian Shield. The technology had powers beyond what she had anticipated, and while it’s easy to cast the blame on her and the Enlightened, she was only one half of an equation: Jahan and the Resistance were pushing just as hard to meddle with this ancient force, and now we are seeing the results of their hubris and ambition.

But is there a way out? The answer, I believe, is yes. We’ll have to focus and pay attention. Great challenges lie ahead, and we’ll have to work together both within and across our Factions in order to restore balance to the world.

Agents, we’ve faced crises of this scale before: Devra Bogdanovich’s rampant Portal Virus is still a fresh memory for many of us. But the important thing is that we can and will solve this. So pay attention and push forward. I believe that when Agents and Investigators around the world work together, we can accomplish anything.


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