Hank Johnson: What caused the XM Drought?



Hank Johnson, a scholar, former special forces operator and member of the Niantic Project research team shares his thoughts on the Obsidian Shield and just how much we could have known in advance about the chain of events that led to the Global XM Drought.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Hank Johnson. I’ve studied and experienced anomalies throughout my career as a scholar, a special operator and have investigated them extensively on my Nomad TV show.

In retrospect, we should have known that the Obsidian Shield was not what was represented to both 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus, but hindsight is always twenty-twenty, high-def and 3D.

When the Vesuvian Magnus attempted to build the shield, they threatened both the Shapers and the N’zeer, two forces that exert gravity on our species and have for a very long time… we don’t know what they look like, where they are, what their true intentions are and what role we play in this quantum chess game, but we do know that the Vesuvian Magnus was destroyed in 79 A.D. by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The truth is, we couldn’t have known what would happen when the shield was deployed. Nobody knew except the leader of the Vesuvian Magnus, who I believe to be Pliny the Elder, and even he only knew in his dying breaths on a beach near Pompeii. Perhaps that is the reason some believe he ordered his own murder. Perhaps, like Jahan, the Acolyte, in our day, he was deceived by the Shapers or the N’zeer or both.

Those of you who have followed my career know that I have seen the destruction that a mixture of XM and Chaotic Matter (Dark XM) can do, at the Luizi crater in Africa, and via the ‘spooky’ powers of a 13MAGNUS nest in Afghanistan as well as other encounters documented in NOMAD.cyshpor3ectk49p5

But even I didn’t see the XM drought coming. I might have suspected it as my compromised discussion with Wright shows, but I didn’t know it.4p59decb8orowboq

In deceiving us, the Shapers and N’zeer revealed a great deal about themselves. We must learn from it. We must not make the same mistake again. Nor can we accept defeat. A shield that can be activated can be deactivated.

At this moment some of the greatest minds in XM science are working on it: Dr. +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, +Stein Lightman and Dr.+Edgar Allan Wright are well known experts. Many are Ingress Agents whose knowledge is equal to ours. Together, we can emerge victorious.

This drought, too, will pass and I believe we will emerge better and stronger if we do not shrink from the challenges ahead of us.

Until next time, keep digging.

Hank Johnson via Google+

So what do you think Agents… Is Hank right on the money, or is he trying to position himself as less certain about what lay behind the Obsidian Shield? If so… why?


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