It seems, following his conversation with the Acolyte some days ago, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe has made some progress towards alleviating the XM drought.

His first plan of action involves the release of stockpiles of Power Cubes that he claims are being held in containment facilities around the world. But his price for continuing to research is surely one that the Acolyte will push back against… ADA represents the very antithesis of her beliefs.

Here is a transcript of their conversation:ttyouuyyteyiiwyoytuuiptwiettir

ACOLYTE: What do you have?

LYNTON-WOLFE: Do you recall the other day when you chided me about the Power Cube and Epiphany Night.

ACOLYTE: It wasn’t your best moment.

LYNTON-WOLFE: I said that I had been exonerated. Now it seems I was even more correct than usual.

ACOLYTE: Tell me what you have.

LYNTON-WOLFE: A solution that could help alleviate the XM drought.

ACOLYTE: Involving your ill-fated Power Cube?

LYNTON-WOLFE: I can release stockpiles that are being held in containment facilities around the world.

ACOLYTE: This is good news.

LYNTON-WOLFE: They are locked with a certain Glyph Sequence that I suspect could be easily recovered.

ACOLYTE: Then proceed.

LYNTON-WOLFE: This help doesn’t come for free.

ACOLYTE: Your price?

LYNTON-WOLFE: If I am to continue my work, I need assistance.

ACOLYTE: I have many people who…jdnjoruulruonxubsdtgmkvfu0jnuyl0t1

LYNTON-WOLFE: Assistance beyond what a human mind can provide.

ACOLYTE: The AI absolutely cannot be trusted.

LYNTON-WOLFE: It wouldn’t be a price if you thought it was free.

ACOLYTE: This is a mistake.

LYNTON-WOLFE: You must tell Jarvis to withdraw from his attacks on ADA and allow me to work with her.

ACOLYTE: I do not guide Jarvis’s path.

LYNTON-WOLFE: No, I expect not. But certainly you can provide… context.

ACOLYTE: He will not accept this.

LYNTON-WOLFE: I’m sure he’ll make the prudent decision… Unless he wants to start learning N’zeer Glyphs.

ACOLYTE: You will regret working with the AI. It will seek any opportunity to stab you in the back.

LYNTON-WOLFE: You know, some people say that about me. Perhaps we are kindred spirits of sorts.

So what do you think about ADA and Lynton-Wolfe working together? Let me know via today’s Question of the Day and by adding your thoughts in the comments. And as for this Glyph Sequence that OLW says he needs to unlock the Power Cube stockpiles, I suspect there’s something to be explored there as well…


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