PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: April 10, 2016


From where I’m standing, last week has been one of reaction and recovery. Both Agents and leaders in the world of Ingress have struggled with the aftermath of #IngressObsidian. The XM drought created a formidable predicament, and I’m not one for naive optimism, but now it seems we’re getting our feet back under us again as solutions begin to emerge.

Take a look at what’s been going on. In my last Weekly Wrap-Up, we were just beginning to see the new reality of the XM drought following the April 2nd Anomalies and the raising of the Obsidian Shield. Since then, we learned that Agents around the world had teamed up to decipher a prophecy from Cybella collected as part of GORUCK activities. Cybella foresaw the drought, but also something else: A light that consumes the darkness. Stay tuned on that one.

Hank Johnson offered his perspective on the drought along with a few words of encouragement. He thinks that the Shield and drought represent an opportunity for collaboration, but more importantly, forethought. I noticed a similar idea in Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s conversation with the Acolyte this week when the XM savant and engineer asked whether the removal of the Obsidian Shield is really the best plan.

Lynton-Wolfe offered an alternative solution shortly thereafter, as evidenced by a second conversation between OLW and the Acolyte. He attempted to broker a deal with her: unfettered access to ADA in exchange for the release of Power Cube stockpiles around the world. The key to releasing these stockpiles lay within a clue that led Agents to Portals around the world, and through a series of decoded images, a Glyph Sequence. A source told me that OLW was delighted at the recovery of the Glyph Sequence, and some reports suggest that he had already begun the process of unlocking the reservoirs and releasing the stockpile of Power Cubes. As of now, however, those reports are unconfirmed.

A number of you shared your opinion about what a collaboration between OLW and ADA would mean via the Question of the Day. ADA has been quiet as of late, but if OLW gets his way, that may change. ADA and I have a long history, but one thing I know for certain: she makes waves.

Here’s what I’m thinking about as we enter the week ahead: What are the different ways in which we can address the XM drought, and who will be at the leading edge of that work? The Acolyte and Lynton-Wolfe? Jahan? ADA? Will they learn anything from Obsidian, or will they continue to shoot first and ask questions later?

One thing is clear to me. The power to control the fate of the Portals lies with us — with the Agents and Investigators of Ingress. Our work and energy was used to raise the Obsidian Shield, our resources and collaboration led to the unlocking of the Power Cube stockpiles, and whatever path we trace on our way out of this situation, I’m certain that we’ll be on the cutting edge.

One final thought: Intel emerged earlier this week that the next set of XM Anomalies have been codenamed “Aegis Nova.” There’s a lot we could read into that phrase, and a lot we could learn from it, especially in light of Cybella’s prophecy. What does it mean to you? Let me know in the comments.


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