Strange Words and Ideas



Aegis Nova. Slowly, its roots are beginning to emerge. Cybella’s vision helps us understand where the name comes from, but what does it mean? A New Shield? The destruction of the Obsidian Shield? What do you think?

Here’s  a transcript of this letter from Obsidius to his friend Marcus.


How long has it been that I have been wandering the world, following my own compass to unknown destinations? I continue to share this endless journey with my two fellow travelers. One, called Syphax, I believe to be an assassin with intentions towards me that are unclear. The other, an Oracle named Cybella, when not speaking in unknown tongues to voices I can not hear is actually good company. I do not know which of my missives you have received. The manner in which I post them is haphazard. I entrust them to traders who do not speak my language in hopes that they will find their way to Rome, so forgive me if what I tell you is repetitious.7c4848a2add0446ccfc3b091f8de7e23297ab48395905d5d6f00ff0abab5a52a2ae1a95ffdee0000827f006a4effa343ba160c738678c19a6bff4f00d2b48c

My journey led me from Carthage back to Italy, then to Gaul and the Northlands. There, I hired traders to take me to as yet unknown places. Long sailing from ice floes to rich wooded forests to tropical regions followed. There is quite a world out there still to be conquered. In the process, I have gathered 13 arrowheads marked with Ominous Shapes and made of that substance Pliny flatteringly calls Obsidian. These objects have strange power. Cybella warned that they would bring great destruction until the ‘Aegis Nova.’ Her visions are often troubling and filled with strange words and ideas.

I shall soon endeavour to return to Pompeii with these Artifacts. I feel compelled to make one more journey while in this land to a place known by the locals as the Valley of the Dead. I can not imagine how this missive will make it to you, but I hope that it will. The traders seem honest and have connections to Rome.



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