OLW’s Power Cube Stockpiles


Reports that had been only rumors are now verified. A Google+ post from Oliver Lynton-Wolfe thanks the Agents who helped recover the Glyph Sequence and confirms that his Power Cube stockpiles have begun to emerge into the Portal Network.

His message also revealed that he is exploring other potential solutions to the XM drought… and that challenges lie ahead that will depend on the work of Agents around the world.

Some excellent detective work was done this weekend, Agents. It led to the recovery of a Glyph Sequence I had used to lock away large stockpiles of Power Cubes around the world and then, of course, forgotten.

Now, I can confirm that the stockpiles are released. You will find them in the Portals around you.

Use this resource wisely, it will help for now. I am deeply engrossed in seeking longer term solutions for the XM crisis caused by the Obsidian Shield. And, when I choose to pursue something, as most of you know, I find what I’m looking for.

Your help will be needed as we work our way out of the drought, I will let you know what I require as the research proceeds.c99c909dcb8f9e96918b94cb8cca9d

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe via Google+


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