Complex and Impure

Complex and Impure


It seems Jahan has learned some lessons from the events of Obsidian. And now, as we begin to learn more about Aegis Nova, she has once again extended an olive branch to Hank Johnson. Destiny may or may not be driving them to work together, but Jahan’s right about one thing: if Hank wants to help control what lies in the future, he will have to pick a side. During Obsidian, he was trying to guide both Jahan and the Acolyte away from the Obsidian Shield, and in the process, he was unable to lead either of them away from the dangers that lay ahead. But that’s just my opinion… if you disagree or have an alternate take, let me know in the comments.

Here’s a transcript of this document:

JAHAN: The Obsidian Shield was a trap, and now XM has become precious… threatened.

HANK: I don’t want to say I told you so.

JAHAN: You were right. I was wrong, Hank.

HANK: Am I on a prank TV show right now?

JAHAN: I’m not deluded, Hank. I made a mistake. An error in judgment. I accept that. And I intend to fix it.

HANK: Well… You didn’t launch the Shield, the Acolyte did.

JAHAN: Defeat is cold comfort… Why can’t we work together again, Hank? Like before.

HANK: Why do you keep saying that when you know what my answer is going to be.

JAHAN: I don’t know. Destiny, perhaps.

HANK: You think too much about destiny.

JAHAN: I’ve learned much since the Obsidian Shield was raised.

HANK: I’m listening.

JAHAN: The voices that speak to us from beyond, the Shapers, the N’zeer, they are far more complex and impure in their motives than I had believed. I feel betrayed.

HANK: I know the feeling.

JAHAN: Now you’re just being hurtful. I’ve also learned about the Aegis Nova.

HANK: I’ve heard that phrase way too many times to not know more about it. What is it? A new Shield? Improved somehow? The destruction of the existing Obsidian Shield? What do you know?

JAHAN: Either. Both. Why can’t we work together like we did before, Hank? If you want to know the answers, you’ll have to pick a side.



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